Bullet Journal for your Bible: Crayons on the Wall.  Making a consistent quiet time is made so much easier through the use of bullet journalling strategies in your Bible. Using my Bullet Journal Bible and Bullet Journalling strategies…it opens up my heart and helps me meditate in the word.  Looking for more bullet journal info?Have you ever experienced crayons on the wall? The other day, my daughter made a masterpiece of pink and green crayon on the wall next to our stairs.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to do it, knew she would get in trouble, but this did not stop her from having a grand ol’e time all over the wall. She was so proud in her disobedience, displayed there for all to see.  Proud, that is until she heard Mommy coming.  I watched her try to wipe the crayon off with a paper towel. I watched her try to hang coats in front of the markings so I wouldn’t see. Despite her efforts, the crayon remained firmly drawn on that wall as a glaring example of the mess she made. She couldn’t wipe it away.  She couldn’t cover it.  It was only Mommy and a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser that were sufficient to clean the wall.


We are like this with our lives. We all struggle with our sin. Sin we don’t want others to see.  Sin of which we are ashamed. We try in vain to cover it up. We grab our coats and hang them in front of the crayons on our walls.  Sometimes we succeed at hiding it from our friends and family. Sometimes we conceal our sin so well, we even forget it is there. But God sees our sin.  God sees us as we are. We cannot put up a pretense with God. We are reminded that God knows us. He knows our words before they are spoken. He knows all our thoughts and all our actions, even those we try to hide.


Read Psalm 139.


I take great comfort in knowing that God sees me for who I really am. He sees me from the inside out and His love and grace are unending.  My attempts to cover my sin and clean the walls of my heart are like trying to remove the crayon with a paper towel…fruitless and insufficient to cleanse me and make me whole. God’s grace is the magic eraser that makes us shiny and new.  It is through His grace that we are made clean.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 16:34

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