Looking for easy ways to make money?  How about ways to make money on things that you are ALREADY doing.  I have some easy and free options for putting a little extra cash in your pocket.

I love my kids.  LOVE. THEM. They are cute and funny and I love spending time with their sweet little faces!!!  But kiddos are also stinking expensive!  Between the cheer uniforms and the piano lessons and the diapers and the family outings…we can reach the edge of our budget fast.

And of course all that spending time together business gets in the way of making money to pay for all those fun family activities and dirty diapers.  So for us, extra streams of income are critical!  I’m always looking for little ways to cut corners and little ways to add a little more to the pie.  Working from home has definitely allowed me to care for my babies, especially when they are small and squishy without paying for child care, but it also limits the amount of time I have available to actually contribute to paying for our family.  

So what’s a frazzled mommy to do??  Well…this frazzled mommy got down to business and searched for some easy ways to make money doing the things I was ALREADY doing.  Being short on time and unwilling to take any more away from my mommy/baby time, it seemed that capitalizing on things that were already in my routine was the way to go.  

Aaaaaand, drum roll please….I found some!!!  Now, let me be clear, no one’s gonna making millions off these ideas, but who couldn’t use an extra $10-$20 here or there or a gift card for free Starbucks or money to spend on Amazon?  

Finding these little gems…BEST. DAY. EVER.

Here are the Easy Ways to Make Money:


Get money or gift cards for things you are already purchasing:

Drop App

Drop is my favorite.  You simply link the cards you use to spend online or in store and everytime you shop at one of the businesses Drop supports (major businesses like Target, Uber, Gap, Costco) you automatically get points for what you spend.  You don’t have scan receipts or upload anything.  Cash in points for gift cards to the places you shop!  Seriously, it’s that easy!  Also, I have a promo code for a FREE 1000 DROP POINTS.  Use code vi218 to start earning cash rewards!!  


Dosh, like Drop links cards to in store and online purchases at the places you are already shopping, dining and frequenting.  Simply look for a deal in Dosh, use your liked card (make sure you run it as credit) and earn cash back on purchases.  Cash out your earnings and put money back in your pocket.  


Paribus links to your email.  Any online purchases you make or online receipts you received are scanned by Paribus.  If they find a price reduction on those purchases, Paribus alerts you to the savings and gives you that money back!  Why pay more than you have to?  


Ibotta works a lot like coupons at the grocery store.  You can search for deals on things you are buying, take a picture of the receipt through Ibotta’s app showing you purchased the item, and then receive the rebates electronically.  It’s easy and the only work involved is taking the pictures. I even let me kids take the pictures for me!!   


Swagbucks is awesome. It’s also my favorite.  It is a search engine that pays you for being on the internet.  You can take surveys and quizzes to earn point if you want, but honestly…I’ve earned several gift cards (enough to cover extended family Christmas presents two years in a row) just by using the search engine when I’m online for things I’m ALREADY searching for and linking to shops I’m online shopping at through Swagbucks.  For example, I want to buy uniform shorts for my daughter at Old Navy, I type Old Navy into the search bar, click the pop up that says “earn 6 points for every $1 spent at Old Navy) and buy what I was ALREADY buying.  The points add up and can be cashed in for gift cards.  It’s so simple!!!

Get money for being active and losing weight:


Achievemint pays YOU for being active.  You link it to a step counter or fitness app like fitbit, and you earn points towards cash for just moving around during the day.  This is perfect for any active toddler mommy.  Earn free money while you are chasing your little ones around the house!  

Earn money when you are driving your kids to school:

Car Pool

Ok, so this one might seem super simple, but if you are already driving your kids to school, why not hook up with another family and get paid to drive their kids too.  Some families would love nothing more than to pay someone to pick up the car pool slack.  Find interested parents at care.com or by asking your child’s school.  

Earn money from your junk mail:

Small Business Knowledge Center

This market research company pays YOU Visa GiftCards for your junk mail and junk email.  It’s annoying and wasteful…why not make some money off of it instead of throwing it straight into the trash??   Wooo…ready to earn some easy money??  If you like these easy ways to make money ideas, check out all of my finance tips and tricks!!!   


  1. Michael Flores

    Great tips. Really your kids are so cute. There you share great idea for earning money. I live In Bangladesh I thing those apps can not available in this country. Can you give me some Idea to easy ways to earn money in my country.

  2. Joanna Stephens

    These are great ideas to save a little extra cash. I had not heard of the one where they pay you money for junk mail and junk email…might have to look into this! Thank you!!

  3. Molly Brumley

    Gotta love staying home during the squishy years πŸ˜‰ These are some great ideas. Thank you for the roundup. I’m going to pin this post.

  4. Krystal Sadler

    I LOVE ibotta and swagbucks. So easy to rack up some points over the months.

  5. Andria

    I have a few of these already and love them!!

  6. Laura

    Great ideas! I need to sync achievement to my fitness teacher!

  7. Carmela

    Wow I didn’t know about any of these! So helpful! I saved on pinterest to remember for later!

  8. Rayane

    superrr amazing ideas! i will be surely trying at least 2 of them specially the fitness one πŸ˜€

  9. Gem

    Wow these are some great ideas that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!

  10. Jennifer corter

    Hmm, I’ve never heard of most of these, I especially want to check out Drop! Sounds awesome!

  11. Mary Ware | The Mom Friend

    These are great! I’ll have to look into Drop, I’ve tried a few of the others but that one seems so easy!

  12. Katie | My Joy in Chaos

    I’ve fallen off the Swagbucks bandwagon but it used to fully cover our Christmas presents for the kids! Now we use a healthy rewards program from our insurance to earn gift cards for tracking our healthy habits.

  13. Neha Gupta

    These are some useful and great tips..Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Would be trying some and save on some shopping !

  14. Sarah

    I need to start trying some of these!

  15. Anitra

    Such great ideas and info! Many of these I’d hadn’t heard of before now. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Lisa | amerytina

    I’m going to check some of these out, I having even heard of the first two! Thanks!!

  17. Dawnmarie

    I have heard of some of these apps before. Do you use all of them? I debated about a few of them and then thought that it would be one more thing for me to do. How much time to they take?

    • Holly Lasha

      I do use them all. Some, like ibotta are more sporadic, like when I’m shopping. I like these because once you set them up , they pretty much run on autopilot and you do have to spend much time interacting with the apps.


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