Getting kids to eat Vegetables without a fight!  Want a quick and easy fix to get kids to eat vegetables?  Want to ditch the vegetable arguments?  We’ve all been there…but I’m sharing my secret vegetable fix to save dinnertime! (In a hurry and want to skip to just buying this vegetable miracle?)

Cooking for your kids.  Sometimes it’s like a warzone.  You spend time planning and prepping a wonderful healthy meal with everything your children need to be healthy, happy little mini-humans and upon hearing a word like “broccoli” they morph into little piles of sniveling ridiculousness all over the kitchen floor.

Sometime being a mom can feel like running a torture chamber (or at least that’s how your little spawn can treat you!!)  Do you feel me?  I grew tired of the constant fight and after lots of trial and error, have found a fight free way to get veggies into my children

Trust me when I tell you we have tried everything…..WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.  The good news for those of you who are just beginning the dance of the dreaded dinner fight…eventually they do actually start LIKING veggies.  Seriously…I promise!!  But until we get to that point…dinner can be such a nightmare.

 As I see it, you have 4 options for getting kids to eat veggies:

1: Just force them to eat the vegetables.

Thus resulting in fight after fight after fight.  Draw a line in the sand and stick to your guns mama and just make them eat those vegetables no matter who much they cry…I tried it.  It wasn’t pretty.   It’s stressful and a long uphill battle.  Lots of painful dinner and screaming toddlers.  Don’t…just don’t.

2: Don’t make them eat vegetables at all.  

I mean you can, but I don’t think your pediatrician will be very happy with you.,,and then there is the mom guilt.  

Ugh..the guilt.  My little ones would happily live off of cheese sandwiches and mini corndogs if I let them, never consuming anything that ven remotely resembles a vegetable or a home cooked anything.  Not. happening.

3: Hide vegetables creatively in foods.  

Yes…this works and for the most part, with the right recipe like this Mac and Cheese Recipe…your kids can be tricked into eating vegetables.  I have spent hours pouring over pinterest looking for the perfect ways  to hide those veggies.  I have grated and pureed and bolied and honestly, making vegetables “small enough” or “hidden enough” to trick my kids was kind of exhausting. If my middle child even thinks she sees a vegetable….nope, all that work is gone to waste.

4: Give them a daily vegetable supplement.

This is a mom win and my super secret special weapon!  Greens provides all the vegetable nutrients they need and won’t freak them out!!!  Ok, so it technically isn’t a vegetable on a plate….BUT it’s jam packed full of vegetables and nutrients and helps to support the immune system.

Greens.  They have been a godsend for us.  My kids love them. They come in three flavors (berry, orange, and chocolate) and are available in tubs or individual serving packets.  They can be mixed with water (or my kids favorite is berry mixed with lemonade) or milk (chocolate milk with hidden vegetables, come one…that’s just amazing!!!)   Since they come in powder form, Greens can be put into smoothies or into food and be completely undetectable to your little food critics.   There are so many benefits to using Greens too.  They contain over 34 fruits and vegetables, as well as acidity-fighting magnesium and numerous herbs and superfoods.  Plus they are Soy-free, Non-GMO, Vegan and Dairy-Free.   Sometimes…the way to win is to change the game.  Greens. Change. The. Game.  Some mom wins are big:)  What flavor would your kids like best?

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