Never give up…sometimes the biggest lessons in life comes from the most unexpected places.  My little baby brightens my day and teaches me so much, like how I should never, never give up.

You ever have one of those days?  I’m sure you know the kind of day I’m talking about…the kind where you want to turn off all the lights, climb into bed and pull the covers up over your head.  The kind of day that makes you wish you just hadn’t even gotten out of bed in the first place.  Yeah…you know the day I’m talking about.


Sometimes adulting frankly just blows.  Having to be the one who pays the bills, cleans the messes, and makes the decisions…ugh.  Let’s take a moment and stream Twenty One Pilots, “Stressed Out” on our devices and rock out to wishing we could be 12 again and not have to adult today.  Or maybe pray it Jenny style..

Alright…feeling better?

So I was having one of those days…actually, I was freaking out about all the things I needed to get done and feeling a little defeated about the ability to do so. So I’m mid-pity party and was about ready to chuck it all aside and grab a pint of mint chip ice cream and have myself a good cry. And then I saw my sweet little baby…

That’s when my baby taught me a lesson.  Recently, Rowdy has been all about the independence.  He wants to do everything all by himself.  Considering he’s just barely 7 months old, this probably means I am in for it when he’s a toddler…and a teenager…eek!  So there I am having a mommy crisis of productivity and there is my little peanut a foot and a half away from his prized possession…his binky.  That lovely little rubber piece of heaven is his FAVORITE. THING. EVER. (And by the way…we use the Natursutten Natural Rubber Pacifiers and they are the best….like can’t live without these babies, best!!!)

So he wants this binky!  He wants it bad.  Rowdy has been becoming very mobile lately. We have the army crawl, we have the scoot and we have the roll down like gangbusters, but that binky was just out of reach.  He was straining and pushing and rocking and reaching and just not getting there.  He was frustrated…but determined.  He just kept on going, kept on trying, he didn’t give up.  He saw me watching him and burst into tears.  The helicopter mom instinct kicked in and I wanted to run and grab him and soothe him and give him his binky.  I wanted to handle it Olivia Pope style.

But I didn’t.  In that moment I realized what little Rowdy seemed to know that I didn’t…Never give up.  NEVER. GIVE. UP.  When it’s hard, work harder.  When the big picture seems too much, break it into pieces.  Take small small scoots to your goal and you’ll make it there.


Instead of fetching his binky…I got down on the floor with him and became his cheerleader.  (also, I took pictures, because…let’s face it, I’m kinda obsessed with his little face.)  He stopped crying and he kept reaching.  Finally, he got his binky!  The sense of accomplishment was all over that sweet little face.

That sweet little baby taught me not to give up…to keep pushing through…to keep adulting, even when it sucks.  Never. Give. Up.  So, I’m not gonna.  I’m gonna keep on keeping on. Are you with me?